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All On Four

All on 4 @fethiyesmile

All on 4 dental implants  are a more practical alternative to dentures.
  • Your first appointment includes the diagnosis and treatment plan. (Step 1).
  • The extraction of all remaining teeth and implant preparation.( Step 2).
  • Implant placement. (Step 3).
  • The following day, preparation for the  temporary crowns. (Step 4).
  • Within the first week temporary crowns will be placed. (Step 5).
  • This completes the first phase of the procedure. There will then be a period of a minimum of 6/7 weeks for the gums and jawbone to rest and recuperate prior to the 2nd phase.(The 2nd phase must be completed within 1 year.) The 2nd phase consists of replacing the temporary crowns with permanent zirconia crowns. Allow 1 week for any adjustments and refinements to the permanent crowns to take place.(Step 6).
  • 3 year annual inspection and check up of the implants.(Step 7).

Price Quotation and Free Consultation

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